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Richard Carlsson
Father of eunit, edoc and try-catch

Richard Carlsson has been deeply involved with Erlang since the mid-nineties. He was one of the original members of the High-Performance Erlang group at Uppsala University, and has contributed to many parts of the standard libraries, the Erlang compiler, runtime system, and the language itself. Among other things, he is the author of Erlang's 'EDoc' documentation system and the 'EUnit' unit testing framework.
After spending three years at Virtutech and then at IAR Systems, he joined Kreditor where he was once again able to work full time with Erlang. He holds a black belt in Karate, but nowadays practices mostly Aikido when he can find the time. He is generally too busy thinking up new stuff to ever finish his PhD.

Richard Carlsson is Giving the Following Talks
EUnit Howto: tips, tricks and news

Recently, the EUnit unit testing framework for Erlang was shipped for the first time as an official part of the Erlang/OTP distribution. While the documentation is fairly complete, it is not always obvious how the  various features are supposed to be used in practice. Richard Carlsson, the author of Eunit, will in his talk focus on getting Eunit up and running, tweaking it to fit your build environment, and leveraging its features in typical testing situations.  He will also briefly present some new additions since the R12B-5 release.
Richard Carlsson is Host to the Following Tracks

"I wanted to be the guy who gets paid to work on cool stuff", said CouchDB inventor Damien Katz. Who doesn't? This track covers CouchDB and some other exciting uses of Erlang.