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Sumeet Bajaj
Erlang developer at SAP research

Sumeet is a Research Scientist at SAP Research Americas. He graduated from Stony Brook University, NY in 2006. His current work involves building scalable systems to connect real-world devices with enterprise applications. Prior to SAP Sumeet was working on financial trading systems in New York. He has also worked on ERP systems in the past. His interests include Network Security, Distributed Database systems.

Sumeet Bajaj is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang at SAP

Sumeet is a part of a small group at SAP Research that is using Erlang to develop a communications serviceprototype to connect real world devices with enterprise applications. The group has worked with Erlang for almost a year and in this talk Sumeet will discuss their experience in learning applying Erlang to the challenge of building a high performance rules engine. He will also discuss some of the results of their work pertaining to scalability and performance.