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Tom Preston-Werner
Cofounder of GitHub and Erlectricity maintainer

As cofounder of GitHub, the world's largest and most active Git hosting website, Tom Preston-Werner possesses inside knowledge of the Git ecosystem and how it is changing the way in which code collaboration is done. Tom is responsible for both low-level system architecture scaling and user interface design/usability. He's currently obsessed with finding ways to marry the productivity of Ruby with the high concurrency prowess of Erlang.

Tom Preston-Werner is Giving the Following Talks
Mixing Erlang and Ruby with Erlectricity

Erlang isn't good for everything. Neither is Ruby. But together they create a powerful force that can be harnessed to engineer highly scalable systems that defer to Ruby for more mundane tasks. The secret to this unholy alliance is a two way communication layer called Erlectricity that lets you craft Ruby nodes that receive messages just like Erlang processes.

I will demonstrate how this setup can lead to elegant and extensible system design with simple examples, and then explain how Erlectricity helped us build a self-assembling, YAWS based meta-server called Fuzed that lets you put Rails apps or other Ruby servers into a heterogenous cloud.