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Tony Arcieri
Creator of REIA
Medioh Inc

Tony Arcieri is a software developer for Medioh, Inc.with interests in distributed and peer-to-peer systems, as well as creator of Reia a scripting language for the Erlang VM. Tony's journey to Erlang began with the development of DistribuStream, a peer-to-peer content delivery protocol providing on-demand progressive delivery of video and other media content. This project ignited Tony's interest in distributed systems, eventually leading him to Erlang. For the past year Tony has been developing Reia, a language built on the Erlang infrastructure with object oriented features.

Tony Arcieri is Giving the Following Talks
Building Languages on Erlang (and an introduction to Reia)

Erlang exposes all of the functionality needed to build new programming languages with ease. In this talk you will learn the basics of how to create your own programming language on top of the Erlang VM, including scanning with leex, parsing with yecc, compiling parsed code from the Erlang abstract format into bytecode, and loading the resulting bytecode into the code server. The session will also cover the presenter's language: Reia, a scripting language for the Erlang VM. The talk will cover how Reia is implemented, what ideas it borrows from Erlang, where it deviates, and how it is able to introduce imperative features while still compiling to a functional form. It will also cover Reia's object-oriented features like classes, inheritance, and polymorphism as well as how they map to Erlang's process model.