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Justin Sheehy
CTO of Basho Technologies and creator of the Erlang Webmachine
Basho Technologies

Justin Sheehy is the CTO of Basho Technologies, a software company providing objective guidance to improve sales performance. Basho's systems, from the analytics engine to the front-end Web application delivery, are written in Erlang. He is one of the creators of Webmachine, an Erlang system for easily building well-behaved HTTP applications. In addition to Webmachine, Justin has been a contributor to several other open source projects. Most recently before Basho, he was a principal scientist at the MITRE Corporation and a manager / senior architect for systems infrastructure at Akamai. At both of those companies he focused on multiple aspects of robust distributed systems, including scheduling algorithms, language-based formal models, and resilience.

Justin Sheehy is Giving the Following Talks
Webmachine: an Erlang resource server for the Web

Webmachine is a system for easily and declaratively building well-behaved HTTP applications in Erlang. It is based on a very different execution model than most frameworks, making it easy to focus on writing the core of your application while also helping you do the harder parts of HTTP right. Justin Sheehy will discuss Webmachine's unusual Web programming model and demonstrate how to quickly build and extend Erlang / Web / REST applications.