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Gordon Guthrie
Making Money With Erlang In Scotland Since '04
Vixo / hypernumbers

Gordon Guthrie was IT Strategist at Direct Line Financial Services/RBS then Chief Technical Architect at, Service Architect at City Of Edinburgh Council.

He is currently CEO/CTO of vixo (formerly Hypernumbers)

Gordon Guthrie is Giving the Following Talks
Elegance Isn't Optional - Building The End-User Programmable Web

This talk will look at the end-user programmable web, covering:
* the business opportunities
* the technical architecture
* similarities with other (more familiar) functional programming languages
* building customer data query languages

It will be a mixture of commercial and deep technical content.

We have two objectives:
* hire Erlang programmers
* develop links with academics in the field to license our code for research uses

Target audience: Anybody in Scotland interested in Erlang for commercial or research purposes.