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Joel Jacobson
Technical Evangelist at Basho
Basho Technologies

Joel Jacobson is part of the Technical Evangelism team at Basho technologies, where he helps build the Riak community in Europe. Prior to Basho he worked with Neo Technologies and others as part of his role at the consultancy OpenCredo.


Joel Jacobson is Giving the Following Talks
Introduction to Riak; a Distributed, Masterless, Fault-Tolerant, NoSQL Database

Riak is the massively scalable, highly available, NoSQL database that everyone is turning to in order to back their web-scale operations. Created by Basho, written in Erlang, and published under the open source Apache licence, Riak is in use at some of the world's largest companies. 

Talk objectives: Come away with an understanding of: what Riak can do for you what uses cases Riak is suited to how to get started with Riak some examples of how Riak is used elsewhere.

Target audience: people taking the first steps into looking at NoSQL databases and who are looking to build applications where scalability and availability are the priority.