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Malcolm Matalka
Erlang Roughneck @Klarna
Klarna AB

Malcolm Matalka has been a professional Erlang Roughneck for over a year at Klarna working on their next generation purchase taking system. His past functional programming experience is limited to hobby development in Erlang and Ocaml. His interests include cooking and consuming large amounts of meat.

Favourite quote: "The hotdog is the noblest of all dogs, it feeds the hand that bites it."

Malcolm Matalka is Giving the Following Talks
Generic Programming!

Over the last two years Klarna has been developing the next generation of its purchase taking system.  The requirements of the new system include performing everything the legacy system can do while being horizontally scalable and fault tolerant.  One solution is to rewrite the system from scratch but we chose to refactor portions of the legacy system such that they could run on both and eventually move completely to the new system.

Generic programming has played a fundamental role in how portions of the codebase are refactored  in such a way that code is portable between the two systems while seamlessly being customizable to the specifics of each system.  This talk will present the overall philosophy, how to structure the code, how to manage the configuration, the relationship to ML functors and Erlang's strengths and weaknesses in generic programming.

Talk objectives: After this talk attendees will understand some techniques for implementing generic programming in Erlang with real world examples from Klarna's production payments system.

Target audience: This talk is applicable to developers of all shapes and sizes, however those familiar with Erlang will likely get the most from it.