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Michael Snoyman
Author of the Yesod Web Framework for Haskell

Michael Snoyman is the founder and lead developer of the Yesod Web Framework, a Haskell web framework encouraging type safe web development. His main interests are creating developer-friendly, high performance libraries that minimize bugs. Michael is lead software engineer at FPComplete, where he is working on improving the Haskell ecosystem and creating even more commercially-viable Haskell development tools.

Twitter: @snoyberg
Github: @snoyberg

Michael Snoyman is Giving the Following Talks
Programming with Functional Style

Functional programming is becoming very popular today. Many languages tout themselves as functional. But what does it mean for a language to be functional? Does some feature of the language magically imbue any program written in that language with functional properties? This talk will explore what constitutes functional style, why some languages get the term functional, and how the functional paradigm can help you write better code.