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Vitaly Kushner
in love with tech

Vitaly Kushner is a co-founder of Astrails (, the best known Ruby on Rails consulting company in Israel. He has more then 20 years of industry experience in a wide range of technologies, from Sinclair Basic to Linux kernel drivers. Vitaly started using Rails in 2005, and it still serves as the primary "weapon" at Astrails for developing web applications and mobile

Vitaly is a public speaker and has been promoting Ruby and Rails in Israel since 2006 when he helped organising and managing first Israeli Ruby Group. Vitaly speaks at conferences and teaches Ruby on Rails courses.

Together with Rails legend Obie Fernandes Vitaly co-authored "The Rails 4 Way" - the latest edition of the most comprehensive, authoritative guide to delivering production-quality code with Rails 4.

Twitter: @vkushner
Blog: Astrails

Vitaly Kushner is Giving the Following Talks
Elixir for Ruby devs

Elixir is the new exciting language built on top of Erlang's excellent BEAM VM.

Its modern, with tons of great features like complete homoiconicity with hygienic macros. Oh, and it has a Ruby-inspired syntax too, which makes it particularly interesting to Ruby developers, but not only.

Long time Erlang users should take a look at Elixir. It is a more powerful language (macros, remember?) that doesn't sacrifice any of the core Erlang advantages.

I hope to get you excited as much as I am, and hopefully consider Elixir for your next project.

Talk objectives: 
Convince audience that:
- erlang is cool
- syntax is important
- elixir has better syntax
- elixir is erlang++

Target audience: Ruby/Rails developers interested in Erlang and other developers that tried to learn Erlang but found its syntax confusing.