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Zachary Kessin
Erlang O'Reilly Author
Product Structure

Zachary Kessin has been developing for the web for almost 20 years, he has worked in Perl, PHP, TCL, Javascript and Erlang, and has done so in Boston, London, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Zachary is the Author of "Programming HTML5 Applications", "Building Web applications in Erlang" and the upcoming "Testing Erlang". He runs the weekly Erlang podcast titled "Mostly Erlang".

Twitter: @zkessin

Zachary Kessin is Giving the Following Talks
OTP - A Framework for Reliability

Erlang's legendary fault tolerance requires a world class framework to make services that  can perform well. When building the initial phone switches Ericsson realised that they needed a standard way to do things. 

To do this they created a set of behaviours that enable a programmer to create services quickly and easily in erlang. We will explore how to use the basic interfaces of OTP to build a server and set it up so that it will recover from faults.
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