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Garrett Smith
Creator of e2 and the MongoDB is Web Scale videos

Garrett Smith is programmer at CloudBees, a leading platform-as-a-service vendor, where he leads the use of Erlang to manage platform services and infrastructure. He has over 20 years development experience and specializes in distributed systems and reliable software. Garrett organizes the Chicago Erlang User Group and an occasionally teaches Erlang classes. He's the author of the e2, an Erlang library that simplifies the process of writing correct OTP application.

Garrett Smith is Giving the Following Talks
Workshop: Building Applications In Erlang

Despite the simplicity of the language, programmers can use Erlang to build remarkably sophisticated, complex applications! But how?

This hands on workshop will walk you through the process of creating a typical Erlang application. It's not as hard as it may seem. We'll start with trivial functionality and incrementally evolve the code over three hours -- at each step adding features and demonstrating Erlang programming techniques.

If you're new to Erlang or want to learn more about building applications with the language, this workshop will get you up to speed in just a few hours. From there, you'll be able to tackle basic projects on your own -- and count Erlang among the tools in your programmer's toolbox!
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