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Igor Ostaptchenko
Application Performance Consultant
Octanix Canada Inc

Application Architecture/Performance/Integration Consultant with 20 years of IT experience. Free and Open Source Software advocate. Interested in Distributed Computing, Erlang, Telecom, VoIP, Mobile devices, Linux. In the past was doing: Java, Smalltalk, REXX, Relational Databases, CORBA, IBM software and OS.

Igor Ostaptchenko is Giving the Following Talks
Perfect case for Riak and Spring Integration

The Riak is a Key/Value distributed data store written in Erlang. I'll describe foundation concepts of Riak design and what are the options for tuning AP system (of CAP). We'll discuss how to overcome inertia in selecting database for a project and realize the potential of non ACID solutions. The case study of the perfect case for Key/Value data store and Spring Integration: describe particular circumstances of the project that drove to the selection of Riak. Implementing the Riak in production: hardware and tuning.

Talk objectives: 
Share experience with Riak and Spring Integration, recommend architecture, receive feedback and discuss possible strategies for motivating management for moving to Riak adoption.

Target audience:
Application Architects, PMs, Developers