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Tom Santero
Technical Evangelist for Basho
Basho Technologies

Tom Santero works for Basho Technologies, the creators of Riak and Riak CS. In previous lives he worked in finance and studied philosophy. Tom is an organizer of the NYC Erlang user group and the RICON distributed systems conference series. Tom lives in Brooklyn, NY, has two cats and penchant for functional programming and distributed systems.

Twitter: @tsantero

Tom Santero is Giving the Following Talks
Riak Made Consistent: Strong Consistency in Riak 2.0

According to the CAP theorem, a database that guarantees consistency must sometimes fail valid requests. Likewise, a database that guarantees availability must sometimes sacrifice consistency. Thus, databases of today are opinionated creatures. They pick a side. And thus, so must you, the user. You either pick a side, or you use multiple databases and live with the increased operational complexity.

This talk presents an alternative: on-going work to extend Riak to fully embrace CAP in it's entirety, providing both AP and CP semantics. Allowing you, the user, the option of choosing on a per-bucket basis if you favor absolute consistency or absolute availability. Both options makes sense in different scenarios, why pick a side?

If you're a fan of consensus algorithms, a CAP aficionado, or someone who simply needs a little consistency in your life, then this talk is for you.

Talk objectives: Educate users about Strong Consistency in Riak

Target audience: Distributed systems developers, users; database aficionados; Erlang developers