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Konrad Kaplita
fun() -> erlang end
Erlang Solutions Ltd.

Konrad Kaplita is currently a student of Computer Science at the AGH - University of Science and Technology in Krakow. He is interested in dynamically typed languages and functional programming. Mix of these interests helped him discover Erlang. He is now using Erlang both in university projects and professional work as Erlang Software Engineer at Erlang Solutions.

Konrad Kaplita is Giving the Following Talks
Conquering embedded devices with Erlang

In today's world embedded devices are ubiquitous. With falling prices of very powerful embedded devices, comes the question of their possible applications. We will try to present how far Erlang could go into embedded world. We will discuss pros and cons of using Erlang for embedded development, present devices that already run Erlang on them (including Android phones) and the current status of research projects that uses Erlang and embedded devices to build robust adhoc network.