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John Hughes
Inventor of QuickCheck and Erlanger of the year
QuviQ AB

John Hughes is co-founder and CEO of Quviq AB, and the originator of Quviq QuickCheck. From 2002-2005 he led a major research project in software verification, funded by the Swedish Strategic Research Foundation. This led to the development of Quviq QuickCheck in Erlang. Before John's involvement with Erlang, he was deeply involved with the design of Haskell from the start, and co-chaired the committee that defined the current language standard. At the Erlang eXchange, John will talk about Quick Check for Erlang.

John Hughes is Giving the Following Talks
Testing OTP libraries with QuickCheck Mini

QuickCheck Mini, the free version of Quviq QuickCheck, is ideal for testing data structure implementations. The desired behaviour is specified via a simple model, and then actual results are compared against the model, yielding minimal failing test cases when the implementation breaks. Key techniques are:
* generating //symbolic// test cases, for readable test failures
* dealing with partial operations
* controlling the distribution of test data
* specifying shrinking
* expressing correctness wrt the model

Participants will learn all of these techniques, and apply them to standard OTP libraries such as lists, sets, and queue. Afterwards, participants will be well prepared to perform similar testing of their own libraries.