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Joseph Wayne Norton
Erlang Enthusiast
Gemini Mobile Technologies, Inc.

Joe Norton is a technical manager, system architect, developer, and Erlang enthusiast active in the mobile industry. Based out of Tokyo, Japan, he works for Gemini Mobile. 

Joseph Wayne Norton is Giving the Following Talks
UBF - Hands-On

UBF is the "Universal Binary Format", originally designed and implemented by Joe Armstrong.  See for full details.

My company has added a large number of enhancements and improvements to the original UBF framework.  This work is slowly making its way into the wider world, using an MIT license and distributed via GitHub (

During the tutorial's first half, we would like to present about the basics of UBF - UBF(a), UBF(b), and UBF(c), the supported network wire formats (UBF, EBF, JSF and JSON-RPC, and most recently TBF), and the various existing client implementations (erlang, python, java, ..). During the tutorial's second half, we like to provide an opportunity for some hands-on experience to download, to build, to develop, and to test a real UBF contract, real UBF client, and real UBF server.   The goal of the exercise is to implement your own Bert-RPC ( server using UBF.