CodeGames: Playing with a Real-Time Coding Game

Gustavo Giráldez
Lead Software Developer at Manas.Tech

Developed by Manas.Tech, CodeGames is a real time programming game where two players compete against each other by live coding, using an custom language, the behaviour of a spaceship. In this talk, we’ll go through the architecture of the Erlang backend for not only running the game logic, but also running the players’ code, as well as supporting additional features such as tournament management, spectators and AI-powered players.

Talk objectives:

  • Describe the architecture and share the lessons learned on the implementation of a non-traditional and highly concurrent Erlang application.

Target audience:

  • Erlang developers in general.

Gustavo is a most experienced developer with a true passion for programming. He is fond of learning new programming languages and sharing them with his teammates, and has a keen eye for always finding the right tool for each job, building simple and elegant solutions for the most complex problems. He is working in native code instrumentation as part of his master thesis in computer science at UBA, which he found to be his career of choice after several years in electronic engineering.

Gustavo joined Manas.Tech as a senior developer 4 years ago. Before that, he worked for almost 10 years as lead developer in department of Modeling and Crisis Management at the Ministry of Defense of Argentina, after working freelance for several years. He has numerous contributions to open source projects, including as a member of the GNOME project.

GitHub: ggiraldez

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