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Call for Talks

Have you made an interesting innovation, open-source application or product with Erlang / Elixir? Have you used Erlang / Elixir in a real-world project and want to present a case study? Or maybe you developed a cool tool? Let the crowd know about it!

The deadline for talk proposals is 30 April at midnight ART, but we tend to have more talks submitted than we have slots available, so the earlier you submit the better your chances.

Invitación a dar Charlas

¿Has hecho una innovación interesante, aplicación open-source o producto con Erlang / Elixir? ¿Utilizaste Erlang / Elixir en un proyecto real y quieres presentarlo como un caso de estudio? ¿Quizá desarrollaste una herramienta interesante? Dala a conocer! Presenta tu charla AQUÍ.

El plazo para presentar propuestas de charla cierra el 30 de abril, pero suele haber más propuestas que lugares disponibles, así que cuanto antes presentes mejor.


Talks can be submitted either in Spanish or in English.

Ticket prices are in Argentinian Pesos and include IVA (i.e. value added tax included)

Cancellation policy:
Please note that the orders are non-refundable. You may, however, transfer your ticket to someone else.

Simon Thompson

Erlang: the Power of Functional Programming
Creator of Wrangler and co-author of Erlang Programming

Ben Marx

Elixir Adoption at Scale: A Comprehensive Guide
Lead Developer at Bleacher Report

Brujo Benavides

ADTs y Otras Heurísticas para trabajar mejor con Erlang
A long distance walker who also writes code and blogs. Inaka’s CTO / Erlang Solutions Tech Lead

Mariano Guerra

Sistemas Distribuidos: ¿Para Qué?
Technology wanderer, distributed system and programming language developer wannabe

Francesco Cesarini

Workshop: Reactive Systems and Micro Service Architectures
O'Reilly Author & Founder of Erlang Solutions

Rodrigo Nonose

From Sync to Async: how Elixir educated me
Software Engineer at Digital Natives

Gustavo Giráldez

CodeGames: Playing with a Real-Time Coding Game
Lead Software Developer at Manas.Tech

Day 1, June 29, 2017

Tap on hour to see the talks

13:00 - 14:00 -


Day 2, June 30, 2017

Tap on hour to see the talks

9:00 - 18:00 -

Some incredible talks, yet to be defined!

The conference will be hosted at Ciudad Cultural Konex:




Displaying a peculiar architecture, the building was created around 1920 and it was used as a factory and oil deposit until 1992. Years later, it was acquired by Konex with the goal of creating Ciudad Cultural Konex and turn it a landmark of Argentina's cultural activity.

Nowadays the comples uses most of the old building surface with a refactor of their installations where you one can find any kind of artistic expression and also aiming at providing the building blocks for cultural and artistic development among the community.

The workshop will be hosted at 10Pines' offices



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