From Sync to Async: how Elixir educated me

Rodrigo Nonose
Software Engineer at Digital Natives

The current web landscape was shaped by most of the popular languages, frameworks, runtimes and tools, which in turn wasn't design to suit the current necessities and challenges. As an engineer immersed in this kind of environment, my questions and doubts were enlightened by the introduction of Elixir and subsequently Erlang to my life. The transition was arduous and fascinating and changes the way you think about software engineering, like reasoning about concurrency in a sane way, change the mindset from synchronous to asynchronous and embracing failure as part of life.

Talk objectives:

  • Educate people in the strenghts of elixir/erlang and outline the important aspects of transitioning, being the hardest the sync x async dichotomy

Target audience:

  • People learning or wants to learn Elixir/Erlang

Rodrigo is a software engineer with experience in multiple languages, such as java, php, python and now elixir/erlang. He is a curiosity-driven developer, studying a variety of topics and love hands-on experience.

GitHub: rhnonose

Twitter: @RodrigoNonose

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