Elixir Adoption at Scale: A Comprehensive Guide

Ben Marx
Lead Developer at Bleacher Report

If you are a developer or company evaluating Elixir and looking for convincing and compelling reasons to do so, Bleacher Report is a case study in the fulfillment of the promises of Elixir and Phoenix. Iterative code samples will illustrate how our understanding and use of Elixir and Phoenix over the last two years have led to greater developer productivity and happiness and more reliable, responsive and efficient systems. With billions of monthly visitors and push notifications sent, Bleacher Report is in a unique position to show metrics that validate the aforementioned claims. Metrics will convincingly show that technical problems with fluctuating traffic problems have been eliminated through the adoption of Elixir and Phoenix. Finally, learn how we were able to train all of our former Ruby developers to become Elixir developers with minimal effort.


After years of object oriented development in PHP and Ruby, finally enjoying the benefits of programming in Elixir. Lead Developer at Bleacher Report leading the transition from Ruby and Rails to Elixir and Phoenix.

GitHub: bgmarx

Twitter: @bgmarx

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