Hobby Electronics on the Raspberry Pi

Angela Johansson
Think in Erlang and Your Code Writes Itself

The talk is about Angela's hobby projects and how easy it can be to interface electronics with Erlang on the Raspberry Pi. It is also about implementing a bluetooth application that interfaces with Bluez on the Raspberry Pi and that has a similar API as inets to make it easy for the experienced Erlang developer to create and use bluetooth sockets for Erlang communication.

Talk objectives:

One aim is to inspire people to use Erlang for controlling electronics on the Raspberry Pi and another aim is to find contributors and ideas/requests for the bluetooth application.

Target audience:

Hobby hackers, Raspberry Pi owners, network programmers


I began working with Erlang in 2007 in the NETsim project at Ericsson in Linköping. I have been working with telecom simulators almost my entire professional life and am now working with the GTE project at Ericsson.
In my experience, Erlang is a powerful language and development is straightforward and efficient. Of course, Erlang is made for the telecom sector, but I often find it useful when in need of "a quick hack" or when solving logic-based puzzles.
Having two children, I find it hard to have any spare time for programming or to find the energy to sit down and write code in the evening after a full days work. But when I do work on my hobby projects, I discover that the code writes itself.


Twitter: @drimtajm

Github: @drimtajm

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