Riak 2.0: The Swiss Army Database
Tutorial: Riak 2.0: Features, features, features...

Christian Dahlqvist
Client Services Engineer @ Basho

Riak 2.0 is truly a major release as it adds a wide range of new and improved features, making it more flexible and than ever. This talk introduces these new features and discusses the impact they will have on application development and how you most efficiently model your data.
Talk objectives:
- Give the audience an understanding about the new features available in Riak 2.0 and how these best can be utilised when building performant and scalable applications on top of Riak
Target audience:
- Anyone interested in getting the most from their Riak 2.0 cluster

Detailed walk through and demonstration of the new features available in Riak 2.0..


Christian Dahlqvist is a Client Services Engineer with Basho Technologies. Since he joined Basho in 2012 he has actively helped a large number of current and prospective customers as well as open-source users get the most from their Riak clusters by assisting them with data modelling and application design.

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