Real-Time Performance at Massive Scale

Fredrik Linder
‎Senior Platform Engineer @ Machine Zone

Social Applications have been growing at an exponential rate and the nature of engagement and retention required for mobile makes engineering a game for this level of scale a particularly challenging proposition. In this presentation, I will discuss the aspects of Social Gaming 2.0 that present new challenges for massive scalability at real-time speed. I will describe the core architectural components and design principles of Machine Zone's real-time Platform which can be used to address these challenges and support hundreds of thousands of concurrent actors in a single world instance.


Fredrik has been working with Erlang and C++ most of his life and has a great passion for large scale distributed systems. He spent many years at Ericsson and Cellpoint as well as making a shorter stop at Klarna. Fredrik is now the Erlang Lead at Machine Zone in the US, working on various real time at large scale projects

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