Profiling and Debugging Erlang Systems

Martin Kjellin

Profiling and debugging complex Erlang systems can be a challenging
and time-consuming task, even for an experienced Erlang developer. In
this talk we share our experiences, by covering:

* The right mindset and what to look for
* An overview of available tools and some considerations from using them
* Useful Erlang system information and metrics to consider
* War stories (including a widely used piece of Erlang software)
* Common pitfalls and caveats

Talk objectives:

- Share experiences about profiling and debugging Erlang systems
- Give an overview of existing tools
- Highlight common pitfalls, caveats and gotchas

Target audience:

Erlang developers and operators who want to:

- Learn more about profiling and debugging complex Erlang systems
- Be more productive when debugging an Erlang system
- Measure performance of their systems under load
- Improve performance of their systems
- Spot bottlenecks
- Learn from others' mistakes



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