Erlang on OSv

Zvi Avraham
Founder & CEO, ZΛDΛTΛ

In this talk, Zvi will share his experiences of evaluating an Erlang/OTP port to OSv - a unikernel operating systems designed from the ground up for the Cloud. Since OSv is LINUX ABI-compatible, it was possible to port and compile the standard Ericsson Erlang/OTP source, unlike Erlang-on-Xen project, where Ling VM is a completely new implementation of Erlang.

Talk objectives:

* Introduce the concept of Unikernel OS * Discuss pros and cons of Virtualization vs. Containerization (i.e. OSv vs Docker) * How OSv Community ported Erlang/OTP * Compare Erlang on OSv with Erlang-on-Xen project * Benchmarking common Erlang applications on OSv * When OSv is a good fit for Erlang applications * Next Steps and Takeaways

Target audience:

Erlang developers, Devops, Cloud Architects


Zvi came in touch with Erlang in 1998 and started using it professionally in 2007. He specializes in Distributed Systems, Big Data and Realtime Messaging. In his spare time he writes Ethereum smart contracts, that will prevent robots from taking over the world ;)

GitHub: nivertech

Twitter: @nivertech

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