Going Barking Mad with DalmatinerDB

Steven Acreman
CTO / Founder Dataloop.IO

DalmatinerDB is a time series database written from scratch for metrics collection on top of Riak Core. It supports dimensional data, complex queries and has the most efficient storage format of any current time series database. Steven (Dataloop) and Heinz (Project Fifo) will discuss the background, some of the frustrations with other databases and how DalmatinerDB is solving them.

Talk objectives:

Get some traction behind the DalmatinerDB open source project.

Target audience:

Anyone interested in Erlang / Elixir and who likes metrics.


One of the founders of Dataloop.io, where Erlang is used extensively to power our time series analytics platform. Have spoken many times at DevOps events and more recently at Erlang Solutions in London.

GitHub: sacreman

Twitter: @dataloopio

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