Update from the Elixir Core Team
Tutorial: Introduction to Elixir

Andrea Leopardi
Elixir Core Team Member

Andrea will share what's new and what's coming in Elixir, and the research topics the Elixir team is focusing on.


Target audience:

Anyone with some functional programming experience looking to get their feet wet with Elixir.


Exposure to a functional programming language. Knowledge of Erlang or OTP is not required. Please arrive with a laptop that already has Elixir installed, preferably Erlang 19 and Elixir 1.4.


Learn the basics of Elixir, and its build tool Mix.

Andrea is a programming enthusiast with a soft spot for functional programming and beautiful code. He loves learning new stuff. He strongly believes in accessible culture and education and in open-source software. He's active in the Elixir community and uses almost exclusively Elixir for work purposes.

GitHub: whatyouhide

Twitter: @whatyouhide

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