The EUC is back on 7-9 June! The EB rate is now open!




The Call for Talks

Thank you everyone who has submitted a talk! The talks will now be reviewed by the Programme Committee. We aim to be notifying everyone by 17 March.

Cancellation policy:
Refunds can only be made to the account that was used in the original transaction. You can cancel your order until 11 May 2017 for a full refund minus the processing fees.
Cancellations after 11 May 2017 are refunded as indicated below:
12 May - 25 May: Refund of 50% of the ticket(s) cost
26 May - 1 June: Refund of 25% of the ticket(s) cost
2 June onwards: Non-refundable

This year the conference will be centred around the following themes:

Tools & Frameworks

Erlang and Elixir's popularity is growing but it's not always clear what off-the-shelf software is useful in production quality systems. In this track you will learn what existing production systems' maintainers are using to monitor and test their systems. This track will include the war stories and experience reports of novice and expert users alike. You will also learn from the leading experts and committers about new and leading frameworks such as (but not limited to) Phoenix, MongooseIM, Nerves and RabbitMQ. You will find out how these frameworks work, how to best use them and where not to use them.

Case Studies

Every new domain that Erlang and Elixir pushes into brings a new class of problems and a new class of solutions. In this track we'll learn from other's experience, where things have been peachy and where they haven't been so much. We'll all walk away with a more clear idea of how to build highly reliable software.


In this track you will learn from the leading experts and Erlang committers about new language constructs, virtual machine implementations and powerful libraries which together form the Erlang eco-system. Esoteric VM implementations are presented, alongside improvements and enhancements to the existing ones. You will learn how many of its features work and how to best use them to write fast and efficient code.

Distribution, Concurrency & Multicore

Scaling vertically by adding more powerful hardware is a thing of the past. We scaled horizontally, by adding more commodity hardware. With the coming of age of mega-core architectures, we have the choice of either adding more hardware or more cores, or both. Erlang style concurrency puts us ahead of the game when it comes to scaling with both approaches.

Research and Innovation

Whether it’s embedded devices, distributed systems or scaling, research is always at the heart of the BEAM community. In this track we’ll look at the most critical problems in the industry as a whole and possible solutions that can scale to millions of people.

Web Applications & Beyond

The web and mobile applications landscape requires technologies that embrace change and multiple paradigms. In this track we’ll look at the state of the art in the Erlang and Elixir world to produce performant and resilient applications that stand the test of time, both in terms of scale and requirements.

Stay in touch! We will keep you posted about the EUC and other Erlang and Elixir-related events.