Building Distributed and Robust Multi-Agent Systems (MAS)

Clara Benac Earle
Spreading Erlang to the World

Jason is a well established programming language to build MAS but it lack good mechanisms to deal with distribution and fault-tolerance. We have added constructs inspired in Erlang's distribution and fault-tolerance to Jason and we have called it eJason.

Talk objectives:

  • To give an overview of the Jason programming language and to the Erlang inspired extensions we have introduced to Jason.

Target audience:

  • People who want to implement MAS in Erlang and those who want to bring ideas from MAS to Erlang.

Clara studied a degree in Computer Science at the Technical University of Madrid, Spain. In her last year she was awarded and Erasmus grant to finish my studies at Uppsala University where she defended a Master Thesis on the verification of Erlang programs, which she did at the CSLab, Ericsson AB. Clara continued working on Erlang verification at the University of Kent, UK, where she was awarded a PhD. Finally, she moved back to Madrid where she teaches programming to first year students, and Erlang to Master students and anybody interested in learning Erlang. Her main research interests are still in verification of Erlang programs, although she works in other stuff that captures her interest. Clara organizes regular Madrid Erlounges every year.

GitHub: cbenac

Twitter: @cbenac

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