SBroker - Adapting TCP Algorithms to Schedule Tasks
Tutorial: Introduction to Elixir

James Fish
Elixir Core Team Member

SBroker is a framework to build fault tolerant task schedulers. It includes several built in schedulers based on TCP (and other network scheduling) algorithms. The framework uses multiple behaviours in a single process to combine features and support complete live reconfiguration.

We will briefly explore several algorithms, how to write a responsive fault tolerant task scheduler/resource pool, and how to be write (re)configurable OTP behaviours.

Talk objectives:

  • Learn a little queue theory. Think about pooling and configuration differently. Demonstrate the benefits of applying research papers.

Target audience:

  • Armchair queue theory enthusiasts, users of connection/resource pools and builders of custom OTP process behaviours.

Target audience:

Anyone with some functional programming experience looking to get their feet wet with Elixir.


Exposure to a functional programming language. Knowledge of Erlang or OTP is not required. Please arrive with a laptop that already has Elixir installed, preferably Erlang 19 and Elixir 1.4.


Learn the basics of Elixir, and its build tool Mix.

James is a member of the Elixir and Ecto core teams. He enjoys all BEAM languages and contributes to many open source projects. When not answering questions in the Elixir IRC channel he enjoys playing soccer and baking cakes.

GitHub: fishcakez

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