Erlang on Microcontrollers: The Research Continues

Dmytro Lytovchenko
BEAM Reimagined

The ultimate goal has been set to run Erlang on microcontrollers with under 0.5 Mb of memory. This is a story about the ongoing project and multiple approaches that have been considered and taken on this way. We will need to reinvent a new code representation, a new runtime and possibly new standard libraries. The ride is going to be rough!

Talk objectives:

  • Present current state of work to the public, demonstrate achievements and results, fuel discussions on the topic.

Target audience:

  • Embedded developers. Erlang developers. Are these different or same folks?


Erlang and C++ professional and enthusiast, 7 years of Erlang experience, 20 years of C and C++.

GitHub: kvakvs

Twitter: @kvakvs

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