Erlang Micro-Services with all the Buzzwords

Chad Gibbons
Architect and Engineering Leader @ Alert Logic

Alert Logic set out to migrate to a micro-services based architecture using Erlang. We wanted to leverage all of the upcoming industry best practices, such as web services, micro-services, data isolation, service discovery, devops, and cloud-based data centers. This talk is a case study on our experience, including the cultural issues that had to be addressed. We primarily use Erlang for our services, but had to consider other technologies as well.

Talk objectives:

  • Educate others on how to successfully migrate to a micro-services architecture and avoid the pitfalls along the way

Target audience:

  • Engineering management, architects, developers, and product management

Chad has 30 years of professional software development, primarily with complex distributed systems. He's focused primarly on enterprise systems management applications, such as monitoring, storage management, and security. Chad has been using Erlang since 2011.

GitHub: dcgibbons

Twitter: @dcgibbons

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