Implementing a Worker Pool in 4 Acts

Benjamin Tan
Author and Software Engineer @ Pivotal Labs

This talk is a walkthrough on how to build a worker pool. The talk is broken up into four parts, starting with the simplest implementation leading up to the final product. Through this talk, the audience will see OTP principles demonstrated in actual code, and how GenServers and Supervisors fit together to provide concurrency and robustness.

Talk objectives:

  • The audience will see first-hand OTP principles demonstrated in a non-trivial code example. They will learn how GenServer and Supervisor work hand in hand to provide concurrency and robustness. The biggest takeaway should be the audience feeling empowered and motivated to go explore non-trivial code bases to learn about the design of non-trivial OTP applications.

Target audience:

  • Beginners to Elixir and OTP who are wondering how a non-trivial OTP application is assembled together.

Benjamin is a Software Engineer at Pivotal Labs, Singapore. He is the author of The Little Elixir and OTP Guidebook and The Ruby Closures Book. Deathly afraid of being irrelevant, is always trying to catch up on his ever-growing reading list.

GitHub: benjamintanweihao

Twitter: @bentanweihao

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