Robotics and Sensors Using Erlang on Embedded Systems with GRiSP
Tutorial: Hands-On Embedded Systems Tutorial with GRiSP

Adam Lindberg
Erlang and Embedded Systems Developer

GRiSP allows you to build Erlang systems running on bare metal embedded hardware. You can build robots, climate control systems and many other things. We showcase and demo a robotics system, show how it's built and how we've used Erlang on the hardware itself. We'll describe all parts so you can build your own applications. The GRiSP platform will be available at the time of the conference.

Talk objectives:

  • To show how easy it is to build embedded applications with Erlang and GRiSP.

Target audience:

  • Hackers and tinkerers, people who know Erlang but want to get involved with embedded development, people working with hardware who are interested in using Erlang.

The one day GRiSP tutorial will get you familiar with the GRiSP hardware board and its capabilities running embedded Erlang applications. We'll learn how to set up an Erlang application for the GRiSP board, deploy it and interact with different hardware components directly from Erlang. After the tutorial, there will be a workshop where you can develop prototype embedded applications together with the group, having access to the GRiSP hardware and many sensors and actuators.

Hardware will be provided. More information at

Target audience:

  • Software Developers & Engineers who want to learn about embedded systems


  • Good programming skills in Erlang


  • Learn to develop embedded systems for the GRiSP board
  • Interact and work with real hardware
  • Develop example embedded applications together

Please bring your laptop.

Senior software development professional. Experience with distributed architecture, cloud infrastructure, live operations and embedded systems. Focus on dynamic languages, test driven development and agile methods. Author of Meck, an open source mocking framework for Erlang.

GitHub: eproxus

Twitter: @eproxus

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