Keynote: From WhatsApp to Outer Space

Joe Armstrong
Co-inventor of Erlang

This will be a joint keynote, given by Mike Williams, Joe Armstrong and Robert Virding

The Internet and Web are the world's largest distributed concurrent system, the problem domain and challenge Erlang was designed to to address. This is what the developers of many successful money-making systems using Erlang have understood and exploited. 

As systems are getting more complex, how do you get better tools and build sustainable teams? We have been running development projects using Erlang for many years and can tell you how to recruit and train Erlang programmers and how to start up projects. Maybe also a bit about what not to do! It's easier than you think.

But a new set of challenges are about to come our way. We're getting massive multi-cores, massive memories, energy aware *everything*, wireless, solar, always connected - the entire industry is changing *again*. Is the Erlang echo-system ready? As the domain space keeps on changing, what must we be aware of, what can we keep, and what must we change? We’ll be giving you our answers, after which we will throw the microphone in the audience so can put yours forward.


Joe Armstrong is the principle inventor of the Erlang programming Language and coined the term "Concurrency Oriented Programming". He has worked for Ericsson where he developed Erlang and was chief architect of the Erlang/OTP system.
In 1998 he left Ericsson to form Bluetail, a company which developed all its products in Erlang. In 2003 he obtained his PhD from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. The title of his thesis was "Making reliable distributed systems in the presence of software errors." Today he is semi-retired but works part time as Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

GitHub: joearms

Twitter: @joeerl

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