The Art of powering the Internet's Next Messaging System

Juan Puig Martínez
Señor Software Engineer @ Layer

Building the open communications layer for the Internet is an extremely ambitious goal, where the best architecture decisions around scalability need to be taken.

In this talk, we will review how Layer is architected for scalability and high availability from the ground up, how application and Erlang VM metrics are collected, how big data technologies are performed to help application developers monitor their communication infrastructure on the cloud.

Talk objectives:

- The aim of this talk is to explain the tradeoffs of choosing the right technologies for the right job inside a big scalable, high-performance communications system.

- The talk will also go through the use of Erlang's actors based concurrency mode together with Apache Kafka, and Apache Spark as data infrastructure for Layer's application and operational metrics

Target audience:

 - Architects and Engineers working in internet-scale low-latency realtime systems.

 - Architects and Engineers working in scalable and highly-available distributed systems.

 - Mobile/Web developers working on communications based apps.



Juan is a Software and Computer Engineer. He's been building scalable backend services for 5+ years in Financial, Embedded, Networking, Gaming industries.

Today he works at Layer, building the next big thing in messaging systems.

Twitter: @jpuigm

Github: jpuigm

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