Erlang in the Cloud: The Talko Service Architecture

Ransom Richardson
Software Engineer and Architect @ Talko

Since Talko launched publicly in September the service has been very reliable and easy to operate. Erlang and Amazon Web Services are two of the key technologies that enabled us to build a scalable and reliable service with a very small team. In this talk we present the Talko architecture and how we implement and operate an Erlang service in the cloud. We also discuss how we ended up using Erlang despite having no prior experience with the language and share some of the key things that we have learned.

Talk objectives:

Present a case study of running Erlang in the cloud.

Target audience:

- Anyone interested in running Erlang in the cloud. 

- Anyone interested in Talko's experience learning Erlang and using it at a small startup.


Ransom is a software engineer and service architect at Talko where he is responsible for building and operating the Talko service. Previously he worked at Microsoft on Xbox and Office and at Groove Networks. He is a self-taught Erlang user with three years of experience. He maintains the erlcloud library.

Twitter: @ransomr

Github: ransomr

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