Erlang-based Operating System for Internet of Everything

Sandhya Narayan
Principal Researcher at Infoblox

In a world with trillions of devices, which are sometimes in places that are hard to reach and replace, is there is any software framework or platform that is even close to dealing with the complexity of controlling them? Can such a platform be Erlang-based? This talk will provide some motivation for considering Erlang and present an example implementation.


At Infoblox, Sandhya Narayan is leading the design and development of open source software defined networking projects of, which include Loom (highly scalable distributed control plane for OpenFlow SDN), Tapestry (real time Big Data SDN-based embedded Analytics platform currently deployed in Infoblox), Warp (Java-based OpenFlow driver library based on Apache Avro, a finalist in ONF's OpenFlow Driver competition), LINC (OpenFlow software switches) and LINC-OE (optical fabric emulator). She conducts research in the areas of distributed systems, data stores and scalability, and manages collaboration with universities on research projects. Sandhya holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

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