MongooseIM meets Phoenix

Sonny Scroggin
Polyglot Hacker @ Blue Box, Inc.

This is a joint talk by Michał Ślaski and Sonny Scroggin

In this talk we discuss XMPP semantics and Phoenix Web Framework use cases. We explain why we believe modern web frameworks can benefit from 15 years of designing and implementing XMPP systems. We will focus on MongooseIM XMPP server and Elixir Phoenix Web Framework.

Talk objectives

Show practical examples of how XMPP, WebSockets, Elixir and JavaScript can be used all together to create applications for the Web of Things (TM).

Target audience

Developers of modern web applications willing to experiment with Elixir language and XMPP networks.


Sonny Scroggin is a software craftsman with broad interests in the world of computing. He is a core team member of the Phoenix Framework and is working on various libraries within the Elixir ecosystem. You can find him presenting or teaching others about Elixir, Phoenix, and other tools and libraries in the local user groups in Nashville, TN.

GitHub: scrogson

Twitter: @scrogson

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