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Alex Gerdes
QuickCheck expert and creator of Ask-Elle

Alex is a perfectionist:  working code is not enough for him, it should look beautiful as well. 

During his PhD Alex created Ask-Elle, an electronic tutor for Haskell. His programming skills are now used to strengthen Quviq's QuickCheck team. Alex picked up Erlang a year ago and is still missing Haskell's type system, but compensates it by writing QuickCheck properties that show that his code works.

Alex Gerdes is Giving the Following Talks
Tutorial: Testing Web Services with QuickCheck

Testing web services on the user interface level is a featured that many developers are looking for. It's simply too boring to click your way through an web service in order to get it tested. Test automation by pre-recorded sequences of clicks is neither the ideal way to go.Instead one would like to describe a model of the system and automatically generate test cases for the web service from this model. That's what QuickCheck can do for you.

Quviq developed an open sourced Erlang implementation of the WebDriver protocol. In this tutorial we show how webdriver and Selenium can be used by QuickCheck to test web services. We consider a simple scheduling service: Dudle and show how this web service can be thoroughly tested using the above mentioned techniques.