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Cons T Åhs
Keeper of The Code
Klarna AB

Cons T Åhs is Keeper of The Code at Klarna in Stockholm, Sweden, which is about managing code quality. With a background of several decades in functional programming (teaching, implementing and using) he is finally seeing the world catching up. After teaching at Uppsala University, he has worked with, among other things, implementing Prolog, low level network programming, music notation, and graphics in more languages than he cares to remember. At Klarna, building highly available and reliable systems in a functional language is about returning to where a life in software development started.

Cons T Åhs is Giving the Following Talks
Of Heisenberg and Hawthorne: Measurement, Visibility and Guidance

Being successful as a company probably means that you are doing the right thing, but it does not necessarily mean that you are doing things right.  From a technical point of view, you are sitting with a growing technical debt that will slow you down in the long despite adding more developers.  This can be turned around, by focusing on long term quality (by knowing what you are actually testing) and productivity, raising awareness of technical debt by measurements and visualisation and providing tools for the above. 

Talk objectives: Technical debt needs to be managed and payed off. Focusing on the long term quality and productivity can actually benefit the short term. Measure problems, use tools and visualisation for guiding development in the right direction. Test relentlessly to know your quality.

Target audience: Developers and managers.