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Joe DeVivo
Writes Code That Tests Riak
Basho Technologies

I've been a professional software engineer for over 10 years. Most of that was writing server side Java, but I've dabbled in all sorts of things from front end javascript to SQL query optimization. I've been toying with Erlang for years and even used it professionally a few years back. I have been developing mainly in Erlang for over a year since starting at Basho, and have worked in both Professional Services and Engineering roles in that time.

Twitter: @joedevivo

Joe DeVivo is Giving the Following Talks
Let's Write A Test!

Come with me as we walk through implementing a new feature of Riak with riak_test. We'll go through adding a feature to Riak with Test Driven Development, going into as much detail as time will allow. We won't be delving into the internals of riak_test, but rather how we use it to test Riak. 

Talk objectives: Attendees of this talk should leave with an understanding of how to add a feature to Riak using Test Driven Development and riak_test and how those techniques and tools might be applicable to their own projects.

Target audience: This talk would appeal to anyone who is interested in how one could apply TDD techniques to a project as large as Riak. Also those curious about riak_test.