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Thomas Järvstrand
Erlang hacker at Klarna since 2+ years
Klarna AB

Erlang hacker at Klarna since 2+ years. In his spare time he builds edts.

Twitter: @tjaravstrand

Thomas Järvstrand is Giving the Following Talks
EDTS Tool Suite - Making Your Life Easier

The Erlang Development Tool Suite (EDTS) is an open-source package of useful development tools for working with the Erlang programming language in Emacs. It bundles a number of useful external packages, together with specialized Erlang plugins for them, and its own features to create a complete and efficient development environment that is easy to set up.

Talk objectives:
Presenting EDTS, showcasing its setup and how it can improve your Emacs development environment and hopefully thereby your daily life.

Target audience:
All Erlang developers interested in improving their workflow in Emacs.

Presentation slides are available here.