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Vassilis Karampinas
Polyglot Programmer @ BugSense

A couple of months ago, Vassilis went from Python to LISP, then to Erlang and never looked back. He is building the queries and the administration panel for LDB. Less known fact: Vassilis is a hobbyist weightlifter.

Vassilis Karampinas is Giving the Following Talks
Handling 200M Phones with Erlang

Would you believe it that you can feed data coming from various sources (even thousand different resources - like mobile devices) into a system, describe what information you want to extract in a few lines of code and then have all this information in your finger tips? In real time. While the system keeps running? Enter the LDB database built on Erlang, C and Lisp that is powering BugSense - serving more than 200M devices across the world.