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Zachary Kessin
Erlang O'Reilly Author
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Zachary Kessin has been developing for the web for almost 20 years, he has worked in Perl, PHP, TCL, Javascript and Erlang, and has done so in Boston, London, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Zachary is the Author of "Programming HTML5 Applications", "Building Web applications in Erlang" and the upcoming "Testing Erlang". He runs the weekly Erlang podcast titled "Mostly Erlang".

Twitter: @zkessin

Zachary Kessin is Giving the Following Talks
Integration of Rebar, EUnit and Emacs Workflows

Many developers have gotten used to powerful tools such as IDE's on other platforms. For Erlang developers emacs can have as much or more power by combining emacs lisp and distel with native Erlang code. I will use the integration of Rebar, eunit to show how to build powerful tools in Emacs to make Erlang development more productive and more fun.

TDD is part of a modern work flow, and using +eunit+ with +rebar+ and +emacs+ can greatly enhance the developer's day to day experience. I will show how to have emacs run rebar eunit tests Automatically when the user saves a file.

In addition with some elisp emacs can be used to show code coverage in the editor so you can now where your tests are covering and not covering code.

Talk objectives: This talk will aim to empower users to build custom tools to integrate emacs and Erlang development. While the examples will focus around TDD it will really be about how to build cool tools in Emacs.

Target audience: I expect this talk will appeal to mid level programmers. Some knowledge of Erlang is expected. In addition the audience should be familiar with emacs and TDD as well as Erlang.