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Jan Henry Nyström
Call me Henry
Campanja AB

Jan Henry Nyström took up Erlang as a Ph.D. student at Uppsala University and has not let go. 

After a Ph.D. on "Analysing Fault Tolerance for ERLANG Applications" he continued with Erlang research as an research associate at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, in collaboration with Motorola. As a training manager and later senior consultant with Erlang Solutions the Erlang focus continued. 

Now he is not settling for average when helping to bring Erlang into the world of online advertising  at Campanja.

Jan Henry Nyström is Host to the Following Tracks

As Erlang's popularity grows, it keeps breaking into new niches and adopted companies not previously associated with the language. In this track we get to listen to the experiences of users better known for their association with other technologies rather than Erlang, looking at architectures and benefits of the language.