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Rusty Klophaus
Senior Engineer at Basho Technologies, Riak committer
Basho Technologies

Rusty typed his first line of Erlang code in early 2008, he now ferociously evangelizes the merits of Erlang to anyone who will listen. Rusty grew up on a farm, earned a degree in Computer Science from Princeton University, spent a summer in Philadelphia as a professional musician, co-founded a .NET software consulting company, and has managed multi-million dollar technology projects.

At Basho Technologies, Rusty is on the core team of Riak and Riak Search. Off hours, he is the author of the Nitrogen Web Framework.

Rusty Klophaus is Giving the Following Talks
Riak Search

Riak Search is a distributed data indexing and search platform built on top of Riak. The talk will introduce Riak Search, covering overall goals, architecture, and core functionality, with specific focus on how Erlang is used to manage and execute an ever-changing population of ad hoc query processes.