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Paolo Negri
Opensource enthusiast, developer at wooga

Opensource citizen kind of geek, started a career 10 years ago as a linux sysadmin, then switched to a developer profile following the emerging ruby wave. After admiring the elegance of projects like RabbitMQ or Riak he is now involved in writing distributed apps based on Erlang. He has spoken at a few international conferences and enjoys sharing knowledge and experiences.

Twitter: @hungryblank

Paolo Negri is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang as a Cloud Citizen

This talk wants to sum up the experience of designing, deploying and maintaining an Erlang application targeting the cloud and precisely AWS as hosting infrastructure.

As the application now serves a significantly large user base with a sustained throughput of thousands of games actions per second we're able to analyse retrospectively our engineering and architectural choices and see how Erlang fits in the cloud environment also comparing it to previous experiences of clouds deployments of other platforms.

We'll discuss properties of Erlang as a language and OTP as a framework and how we used them to design a system that is a good cloud citizen. We'll also discuss topics that are still open for a solution.

Target audience: This talk, is targeted to who's interested in deploying Erlang applications on the AWS cloud (or similar cloud providers) or those who aren't already using erlang but are interested in learning about the combination of erlang/OTP as a programming language and framework and cloud infrastructure.

Talk objective: This talk will share real word experience of operating our erlang game server hosted in the cloud. Information will be given about how we targeted the design of our application to be deployed on the cloud sharing practical advice and comparison with other frameworks/platforms. We'll also report on topics that are still open for a satisfactory solution.