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Hans Svensson
Proud member of the ProTest project
Quviq AB and Chalmers University of Technology

Hans Svensson is researcher with eye for applying new technology in practice. He has been using QuickCheck ever since he got in touch with it and actively helps in developing the tool further. He is a post-doc at Chalmers involved in the EU project ProTest and working for Quviq part of his time. Hans PhD thesis is worth reading for people that wonder whether the gen_leader is tested well enough.

Hans Svensson is Giving the Following Talks
Implementing an LTL-to-Büchi translator in Erlang

In order to provide a nice user experience in McErlang, a model checker for Erlang programs, we needed an LTL-to-Büchi translator. This paper reports on our experiences implementing a translator in Erlang using well known algorithms described in literature. We followed a property driven development schema, where QuickCheck properties were formulated before writing the implementation. We successfully implement an LTL-to-Büchi translator, where the end result performs on par (or better) than two well known reference implementations.